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Wolfmoon Book 1
By Nikki Broadwell
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Is magic gone from the world? Was it ever here? Read
Moonstone and you might just believe in magic again! Fans
of Juliet Marillier's 'Daughter of the Forest' series will find
themselves right at home. Finna is pregnant and proud of
herself for being strong enough to kick out the father of her
child. But when her absent mother shows up and

tells her that her baby needs to be blessed by the moon
goddess to keep her safe, Finna's newfound confidence
disappears. The Otherworld her mother describes sounds
tantalizing. And by the time Finna discovers the truth it is too

late. Her only hope is to make it out alive.

Wolfmoon Book 2

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Maeve’s dreams are waking her in the middle of the night.
And consulting a psychic does little to help. But when a
shipment of paintings arrives in the gallery where she works
her mind really begins to unravel. What she sees in one of
those paintings has to be an hallucination. How could she be
seeing herself running with wolves in the background of a
landscape simply hanging on the wall? Little does she know

what lies ahead.

Wolfmoon Book 3

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A cold and callous tyrant has taken over Otherworld leaving
death and destruction in his wake. The only hope is a
prophecy written centuries before. But the woman named
hasn’t a clue. How can a green girl from the States come to
grips with a destiny she didn’t even know existed?  Maeve is
oblivious of all of it as she travels to Scotland. All she
can think about is her boyfriend, Harold who she left behind.
But what lies ahead includes him too, and will take both
Maeve and Harold into a dangerous world they could never

have imagined.

Wolfmoon Book 4

Maeve and Harold are about to be tested. Between the birth
of their baby girl and Maeve’s obsession with the faery
known as the ‘love talker’ lie many twisted paths. When the
elven queen becomes part of the equation it takes more than
love to reweave what’s been unraveled. A Fae civil war
brings Harold’s alter ego, King Kenneth MacAlpin, to the fore,
possibly ruining Maeve and Harold’s relationship forever.
Danger abounds, bringing with it hard decisions and possibly


I graduated with a BA in art and English from Sonoma State
University in California. I've been an avid reader since I first
learned how and a writer from my early teenage years on.
I've had several art related businesses, including greeting
cards and more recently a silk painting business. When I
began to write in earnest I put aside the art, concentrating
only on the writing. I've traveled a lot over the years, finding
inspiration wherever I go. Scotland holds a special place in
my heart, hence the setting for "The Moonstone". I had to
make a 4th trip there to do research as I was putting the book together!

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